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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

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July 2Press release
Sodar-based Low-level Wind Information (SOLWIN) starts operation at Tottori Airport
Feb. 1Press release
JAXA and Boeing sign collaboration agreement


Jul. 18Press release
SafeAvio Steps forward for Implementation
Jul. 2Press release
Electrification Challenge for Aircraft (ECLAIR) Consortium
Mar. 30Press release
D-NET IP Commercialized as Effective Disaster Relief Application


Aug. 2Press release
JAXA clear-air turbulence detection system to be on Boeing ecoDemonstrator 2018
Apr. 19Press release
Airport Low-level Wind Information (ALWIN) starts operation at Haneda and Narita airports


Oct. 13Press release
Preliminary flight demonstration test on airframe noise reduction technology successfully completed


Jul. 27Press release
Results for the second phase of the "Drop test for the Simplified Evaluation of Non-symmetrically Distributed sonic boom" Project (D-SEND#2)
May 12Press release
Schedule of D-SEND#2


Aug. 26Press release
Status of D-SEND#2
Jun. 3Press release
Second test of D-SEND#2
Apr. 9Press release
FDMA Starts Operation of Centralized Management System for Fire-fighting and Disaster-relief Helicopter Operation Applying D-NET
Jan. 31Press release
Weathernews and JAXA to Launch Collaborative Research into Small Aircraft Operation Technology


Aug. 21Press release
Second test of D-SEND#2 postponed
May 14Press release
Development of Electric Aviation Motor Coil Using Thermal Conductive Heat-resistant Insulating Material


May 19Press release
JAXA conducts first phase of D-SEND project


Feb. 3Press release
JAXA and Boeing to Conduct Joint Research on Aviation Operation and Safety Technology


May 9Press release
NASA and JAXA to conduct joint research on Sonic Boom Modeling