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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Cooperation with the public sector

Support to the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau on the MRJ type certificate

To fly a new aircraft such as MRJ, which is currently under development, the aircraft must acquire a type certificate, which verifies that it has satisfied relevant requirements for airworthiness such as safety and environmental compatibility. The MRJ is the first domestic passenger aircraft developed in over 40 years since the YS-11. Passenger aircraft technology has progressed greatly during that time. The institute is assisting the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau in establishing technology standards for type certification, such as advising on methods for technology compatibility assessment and certification for composites materials, based on its accumulated expertise on testing and analysis.

Cooperation with local governments – Partnership agreement with Aichi prefecture on promotion of aerospace R&D

An accelerating trend throughout Japan is to tap into the growing aviation industry as a potential key economic driver for local communities. Nevertheless, it is not easy for companies to enter the aerospace industry. Strategic support by local government is indispensable.
As the aerospace industrial center of Japan, the Aichi/Gifu region has supported the development of the country's aerospace industry for many years. The region was designated as a Comprehensive Special Zone for International Competitiveness Development called the "Special Zone to Create Asia's No.1 Aerospace Industrial Cluster".
JAXA operates its research test bed aircraft "Hisho" based at its Nagoya Flight Research Center, adjacent to the Prefectural Nagoya Airport. To assist the development of the local aerospace industry effectively by strengthening its ties with aerospace clusters in the region, we entered into a collaborative and cooperative agreement with the Aichi prefectural government in February 2011. We aim to deepen our partnership with Aichi prefecture further to assist in the growth of the aviation industry in central Japan.