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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

"FLIGHT PATH" back numbers

No.23 | 2019 SUMMER

No.22 | 2018 WINTER

No.21 | 2018 SUMMER

<Feature Story>
JAXA's Goals in the Fourth Mid-to-long-term Plan
<Aeronautics in depth> <People> <In Pictures>

No.19/20 | 2018 SPRING

<Feature Story 1>
Flight demonstrations: Testing developed technologies in the air

[Related technology]
  • Accurately estimating flight characteristics to enhance aircraft design
  • Flying for research: Responding to a variety of R&D needs
<Feature Story 2>
Looking back on the Third Mid-term Plan: Summary and major achievements for FY2013-FY2017

[Related technology]
  • How does JAXA's research make a difference?
<Kármán line>
  • Interviewee: WATANABE Yasuhide, Associate Senior Researcher, HTV Technology Center, Human Spaceflight Technology Directorate
  • Interviewee:KUBOTA Kenichi, researcher, Numerical Simulation Research Unit
  • "Making use optical technologies to benefit the aerospace sector"
KATO Kodai
  • "Make a difference in the world"

No.17/18 | 2017 AUTUMN

<Feature Story 1>
Future into reality: Inspiring the aircraft of tomorrow with the Sky Frontier program

[Related technology] Sky Frontier: Creating new key technologies
  • Supersonic passenger aircraft
  • Compound helicopters
<Feature Story 2>
JAXA's wind tunnel technology − Meeting new needs −

[Related technology]
  • Automatic balance calibration technology
  • Background noise reduction technology
  • Future measurement technology
<Special contribution>
  • Message from NASA Aeronautics
<Kármán line>
  • Interviewee: IWAHORI Yutaka, Director of the Structures and Advanced Composite Research Unit
  • Interviewees: FUJII Keisuke and NAGAI Shinji, Managers in the Aerodynamics Research Unit
YUHARA Tatsunori
  • There's lots more to explore in aeronautics, which makes work fascinating"
MIKI Hajime
  • "It all started with wind tunnels"

No.15/16 | 2017 SPRING

<Feature Story 1>
At the stage of delivering tangible results that benefit society Challenge of the Next Generation Aeronautical Innovation Hub Center

[Related technology] Tactical lightning avoidance technology

<Feature Story 2>
The aFJR (Advanced Fan Jet Research) project Taking aircraft engine development in a new direction

[Related technology] The technologies of the aFJR Project

  • Navigating activities for the certification of aviation equipment"
  • "To glean insight from simulation results, you need to understand the fundamentals of combustion phenomena."
<Sky Frontier>
  • Hydrogen-utilization technologies
<Basic and fundamental technology>
  • FaSTAR-Move: Analyzing the airflow around moving/deforming objects Super-small turbofan engine technology

JAXA Aeronautics Symposium 2016

No.13/14 | 2016 AUTUMN

Message from Director General of the Aeronautical Technology Directorate
”Shaping Dreams for Future Skies”

Feature 1
Challenges of the SafeAvio project
  • For safe and comfortable air travel
Feature 2
FQUROH: Ready for flight demonstration
  • Developing quiet aircraft technologies to reduce airport community noise
Basic and fundamental technology
  • Combustion instability
  • Composite materials - activities for international standardization
Aeronautics in depth
  • Weather information technology
  • Tunnel-in-the-Sky

No.11/12 | 2016 SPRING

Feature 1
The Next Generation Aeronautical Innovation Hub Center
  • Facilitating collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders in diverse field
  • Snow and ice monitoring sensors
Feature 2
JAXA's contributions to the Japanese aviation industry
  • How JAXA's technologies benefit to the Japanese aviation industry
  • Supersonic transport research : Current trends and future prospects
Aeronautics in depth
  • Biaxial fatigue testing machine
  • Acoustic analysis (non-linear acoustic propagation and acoustic transmission/vibration)

No.9/10 | 2015 AUTUMN

Feature stories
  • JAXA Aeronautics at the heart of "all-Japan" R&D landscape
  • D-SEND#2 Successful flight
  • Flight system technology for making aircraft safer and more familiar
Research and development
  • Supporting Japan's aircraft engine technology with JAXA's engine test facilities and measurement technologies
  • JAXA's electric aircraft!
Basic research
  • Composite materials for next-generation jet engines
    What are ceramic matrix composites (CMCs)?
External cooperation
  • To enable short-term R&D return:
    SafeAvio industry-academia-government collaboration
Aeronautics in depth
  • Doppler LIDAR
  • Pressure-sensitive paint (PSP) measurement

No.7/8 | 2015 SPRING

Feature story
  • The DREAMS project to bring about innovative solutions to the air traffic management
  • The challenges of the DREAMS project
  • D-NET2: Integrated Aircraft Operation System for Disaster Relief
  • What is D-NET2's Key Technology?
Basic research
  • How JAXA is breaking new ground with HexaGrid and FaSTAR
  • Magnetic Suspension Wind Tunnel
External cooperation
  • JAXA's Contributions to Civil Aviation Administration in Japan

No.5/6 | 2014 AUTUMN

Feature story
  • Aeronautical Science and Basic Technology Research - Cultivating and growing Japan's aerospace technology
  • Round Table Discussion "the future Opened Up by Unmanned aircraft"
Research and development
  • JAXA's globally-competitive advanced wind tunnel technology
  • Multiple small unmanned aircraft performing cooperatively
Basic research
  • Optical Fiber Sensor Research

No.3/4 | 2014 SPRING

Feature story
  • The Safety Technology for Aviation and Disaster-Relief Program (STAR)
  • How JAXA researchers envision the aircraft of tomorrow
Research and development
  • R&D of Onboard Safety Avionics Technology to Prevent Turbulence-Induced Aircraft Accidents (SafeAvio)
  • Protecting airplanes from ice with icing detection and anti-icing technology
  • Flight demonstration of Electric Aircraft Technology for Harmonized Ecological Revolution (FEATHER)
    Basic research
  • The Multi-axis Vibration Evaluating System (MaVES)
  • Analyzing acoustic vibration

No.1/2 | 2013 AUTUMN

Feature story
  • JAXA's Institute of Aeronautical Technology takes off
  • ECAT: Program for environment-conscious aircraft technology
Research and development
  • FQUROH: Flight demonstrations of noise reduction technology
  • Measuring aircraft noise in a wind tunne
  • aFJR: The Next-Generation Fan/Turbine System Technology Demonstration
    Basic research
  • International standardization for advanced composite material testing methods
  • Solving combustion instability problems
  • "DAHWIN", a wind tunnel in the near future
    External cooperation
  • Promoting cooperation with global partners