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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

"FLIGHT PATH" back numbers

*From the FLIGHT PATH No.21, the viewing form has been changed from the PDF file to the web page.

No.21 | 2018 SUMMER

<Feature Story>
JAXA's Goals in the Fourth Mid-to-long-term Plan
<Aeronautics in depth> <People> <In Pictures>

No.19/20 | 2018 SPRING

<Feature Story 1>
Flight demonstrations: Testing developed technologies in the air

[Related technology]
▶ Accurately estimating flight characteristics to enhance aircraft design
▶ Flying for research: Responding to a variety of R&D needs

<Feature Story 2>
Looking back on the Third Mid-term Plan: Summary and major achievements for FY2013-FY2017

[Related technology]
▶ How does JAXA's research make a difference?

<Kármán line>
Interviewee: Yasuhide Watanabe, Associate Senior Researcher, HTV Technology Center, Human Spaceflight Technology Directorate
Interviewee: Kenichi Kubota, researcher, Numerical Simulation Research Unit

Kazuki Hashimoto

"Making use optical technologies to benefit the aerospace sector"
Kodai Kato
"Make a difference in the world"

No.17/18 | 2017 AUTUMN

<Feature Story 1>
Future into reality: Inspiring the aircraft of tomorrow with the Sky Frontier program

[Related technology] Sky Frontier: Creating new key technologies
▶ Supersonic passenger aircraft
▶ Compound helicopters

<Feature Story 2>
JAXA's wind tunnel technology − Meeting new needs −

[Related technology]
▶ Automatic balance calibration technology
▶ Background noise reduction technology
▶ Future measurement technology

<Special contribution>
Message from NASA Aeronautics

<Kármán line>
Interviewee: Yutaka Iwahori, Director of the Structures and Advanced Composite Research Unit
Interviewees: Keisuke Fujii and Shinji Nagai, Managers in the Aerodynamics Research Unit

Tatsunori Yuhara

"There's lots more to explore in aeronautics, which makes work fascinating"
Hajime Miki
"It all started with wind tunnels"

No.15/16 | 2017 SPRING

<Feature Story 1>
At the stage of delivering tangible results that benefit society Challenge of the Next Generation Aeronautical Innovation Hub Center

[Related technology] Tactical lightning avoidance technology

<Feature Story 2>
The aFJR (Advanced Fan Jet Research) project Taking aircraft engine development in a new direction

[Related technology] The technologies of the aFJR Project

Takeshi Fujiwara

"Navigating activities for the certification of aviation equipment"
Yasuhiro Mizobuchi
"To glean insight from simulation results, you need to understand the fundamentals of combustion phenomena."

<Sky Frontier>
Hydrogen-utilization technologies

<Basic and fundamental technology>
FaSTAR-Move: Analyzing the airflow around moving/deforming objects Super-small turbofan engine technology

JAXA Aeronautics Symposium 2016

No.13/14 | 2016 AUTUMN

Message from Director General of the Aeronautical Technology Directorate
”Shaping Dreams for Future Skies”

Feature 1
Challenges of the SafeAvio project
  • For safe and comfortable air travel
Feature 2
FQUROH: Ready for flight demonstration
  • Developing quiet aircraft technologies to reduce airport community noise
Basic and fundamental technology
  • Combustion instability
  • Composite materials - activities for international standardization
Aeronautics in depth
  • Weather information technology
  • Tunnel-in-the-Sky

No.11/12 | 2016 SPRING

Feature 1
The Next Generation Aeronautical Innovation Hub Center
  • Facilitating collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders in diverse field
  • Snow and ice monitoring sensors
Feature 2
JAXA's contributions to the Japanese aviation industry
  • How JAXA's technologies benefit to the Japanese aviation industry
  • Supersonic transport research : Current trends and future prospects
Aeronautics in depth
  • Biaxial fatigue testing machine
  • Acoustic analysis (non-linear acoustic propagation and acoustic transmission/vibration)

No.9/10 | 2015 AUTUMN

Feature stories
  • JAXA Aeronautics at the heart of "all-Japan" R&D landscape
  • D-SEND#2 Successful flight
  • Flight system technology for making aircraft safer and more familiar
Research and development
  • Supporting Japan's aircraft engine technology with JAXA's engine test facilities and measurement technologies
  • JAXA's electric aircraft!
Basic research
  • Composite materials for next-generation jet engines
    What are ceramic matrix composites (CMCs)?
External cooperation
  • To enable short-term R&D return:
    SafeAvio industry-academia-government collaboration
Aeronautics in depth
  • Doppler LIDAR
  • Pressure-sensitive paint (PSP) measurement

No.7/8 | 2015 SPRING

Feature story
  • The DREAMS project to bring about innovative solutions to the air traffic management
  • The challenges of the DREAMS project
  • D-NET2: Integrated Aircraft Operation System for Disaster Relief
  • What is D-NET2's Key Technology?
Basic research
  • How JAXA is breaking new ground with HexaGrid and FaSTAR
  • Magnetic Suspension Wind Tunnel
External cooperation
  • JAXA's Contributions to Civil Aviation Administration in Japan

No.5/6 | 2014 AUTUMN

Feature story
  • Aeronautical Science and Basic Technology Research - Cultivating and growing Japan's aerospace technology
  • Round Table Discussion "the future Opened Up by Unmanned aircraft"
Research and development
  • JAXA's globally-competitive advanced wind tunnel technology
  • Multiple small unmanned aircraft performing cooperatively
Basic research
  • Optical Fiber Sensor Research

No.3/4 | 2014 SPRING

Feature story
  • The Safety Technology for Aviation and Disaster-Relief Program (STAR)
  • How JAXA researchers envision the aircraft of tomorrow
Research and development
  • R&D of Onboard Safety Avionics Technology to Prevent Turbulence-Induced Aircraft Accidents (SafeAvio)
  • Protecting airplanes from ice with icing detection and anti-icing technology
  • Flight demonstration of Electric Aircraft Technology for Harmonized Ecological Revolution (FEATHER)
    Basic research
  • The Multi-axis Vibration Evaluating System (MaVES)
  • Analyzing acoustic vibration

No.1/2 | 2013 AUTUMN

Feature story
  • JAXA's Institute of Aeronautical Technology takes off
  • ECAT: Program for environment-conscious aircraft technology
Research and development
  • FQUROH: Flight demonstrations of noise reduction technology
  • Measuring aircraft noise in a wind tunne
  • aFJR: The Next-Generation Fan/Turbine System Technology Demonstration
    Basic research
  • International standardization for advanced composite material testing methods
  • Solving combustion instability problems
  • "DAHWIN", a wind tunnel in the near future
    External cooperation
  • Promoting cooperation with global partners