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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Sora to Sora

"Sora to Sora" is a public relations magazine introduces activities of Aerospace Research and Development Directorate, JAXA. We have been developing technical research relative to "Sora (the sky)" is where planes fly and "Sora (space)" is where spacecraft fly for the further development of aerospace technology. Please take a look at the activities through "Sora to Sora"

No.51 2013 Jan./feb.

  • Research Introduction
    Resolving spacecraft and aircraft sound issues through numerical analysis
    Heroes behind the scene

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No.50 2012 Nov./Dec.

  • Research Introduction
    Developing an easy-to-use strain measurement system
    What is the key technology for the next liquid hydrogen fuel tank?
  • Intermission Break
    Strain measurement systems

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No.49 2012 Sep./Oct.

  • Research Introduction
    "A compact, energy-efficient and highly reliable" air revitalization system going into space
    Development of aeroassist technologies for future planetary explorations

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No.48 2012 Jul./Aug.

  • Research Introduction
    Development of a commercially competitive thruster
    Cryocooler technology giving rise to a cryogenic world
  • Intermission Break
    Space and temperature

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No.47 2012 May./Jun.

  • Research Introduction
    The day when space becomes a part of our everyday lives

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No.46 2012 Mar./Apr.

  • Research Introduction
    Realizing a debris-free outer space

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No.45 2012 Jan./Feb.

  • Research Introduction
    "Time-Resolved PIV" - Capturing the Unsteady Flow
    "LIPS" - Measurement inside a combustor by using light

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No.44 2011 Nov./Dec.

  • Research Introduction
    Allow me to introduce myself. I am the small demonstration satellite 4 (SDS-4).

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No.43 2011 Sep./Oct.

  • Research Introduction
    Conceiving disaster management from the sky
  • Intermission Break
    The Amphibians - Aircraft that soars from the water

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No.42 2011 Jul./Aug.

  • Research Introduction
    Aiming at lightweight, high-efficiency solar cells
    Realizing a super-low-altitude artificial satellite

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No.41 2011 May/Jun.

  • Research Introduction
    Whole transonic wind tunnel analysis
    Method of global surface pressure measurement for an oscillating wing

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