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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Sora to Sora

No.30 2009 May/Jun.

  • Research Introduction
    How do satellite failures relate to the space environment?
    Clarify the state of space
  • Intermission Break
    What is an uchusen?

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No.29 2009 Mar./Apr.

  • Research Introduction
    Enhancing domestic wind tunnel technology to heighten Japan's competitiveness in international markets
    Measuring drag with a drag count of 1
    Serving as a national standard wind tunnel

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No.28 2009 Jan./Feb.

  • Research Introduction
    A day when large artificial satellites solve our energy challenges
    Looks unattached, but actually not

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No.27 2008 Nov./Dec.

  • Research Introduction
    Cosmic junk - "space debris"
    Observe, Predict, Protect, and Mitigate

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No.26 2008 Sep./Oct.

  • Research Introduction
    Aiming for CFRP highly resistant to lightning strokes
    Flying safely behind an aircraft
  • Intermission Break
    Aircraft and meteorological conditions

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No.25 2008 Jul./Aug.

  • Research Introduction
    New technology for deploying satellite structures!
    Research on the performance evaluation of heat-controlling materials with the aim of creating a database based on the adiabatic properties of the multilayer heat insulation blanket (MLI)
    Digging into the ground of the moon

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No.24 2008 May/Jun.

  • Research Introduction
    Dramatically reducing noise
  • Intermission Break
    Helicopter noise

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No.23 2008 Mar./Apr.

  • Research Introduction
    Using JAXA's equipment to develop an engine in Japan
    R&D on the bipropellant engine system for orbital transformation and attitude control of spacecraft
  • Intermission Break
    "Aircraft engine" and "satellite engine"

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No.22 2008 Jan./Feb.

  • Research Introduction
    Measuring Global Pressure on a Model Surface
    Grasping the Flow Structure Precisely!
    Observing Noises with Multiple Ears

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No.21 2007 Nov./Dec.

  • Research Introduction
    Recycling Safe and Healthy Water
    Air Can be Safely Recycled, Too
  • Intermission Break
    "Catalysts" and "Photocatalysts"

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No.20 2007 Sep./Oct.

  • Research Introduction
    Reducing noise annoyance
    Predicting the shake of artificial satellites induced by booming roars
  • Intermission Break
    Sound - Its properties

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No.19 2007 Jul./Aug.

  • Research Introduction
    Nice to meet you. I am SDS-1.
    Communication equipment linking satellites with the ground

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No.18 2007 May/Jun.

  • Research Introduction
    The quest for reusable space planes capable of flying dozens of repeat missions
    Research on reusable engines to be loaded on space planes

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