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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Green engine technology

"Green engine technology" is a research and development initiative for high-pressure systems and core engine technologies. The "advanced Fan Jet Research (aFJR)" project emphasizes the development of low-pressure systems such as "fans" and "low-pressure turbines", in which we have expertise and experience gained from past development efforts.


Highly efficient core engine technology

Based on engine technologies accumulated by JAXA to date, our goal at the "green engine technology" initiative is to reduce fuel consumption by 16% through development of a heavy load compressor, ultrahigh temperature low NOx emission combustor, and ultrahigh-temperature turbine.
The compressor will attain a pressure ratio of 20 by adding a mixed flow compressor at the exit of the last stage of multi-stage axial flow compressor.
By improving the heat-resistance performance of a combustor developed based on JAXA’s lean premix combustion method, our ambition is to reduce NOx emissions by 75% or more relative to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) CAEP/6 standards.
The ultrahigh-temperature turbine will be equipped with newly developed blades having a simple cooling structure that can be used at ultrahigh temperatures as high as 1,600°C.

Engine Noise Reduction Technology

We conduct technical demonstration of noise reduction devices for small and medium-sized aircraft, such as an improved notched nozzle developed jointly by JAXA and IHI and a claw mixer. These devices, which are expected to come into practical use soon, will be in great demand. Furthermore, we collect data of acoustic and thrust performances in demonstration tests. Model tests of noise emissions are conducted at acoustic facilities, with noise and aerodynamic performance tests using turbo fan research engines with high-bypass ratios. In addition, we plan to conduct component tests for devices contributing to reduction of CO2 emissions and noise in light of medium-term and long-term visions and strategies. This effort is expected to yield important new noise-reduction technologies.

left: engine noise tests (image)
upper right: notched nozzle、lower right: claw mixer used in engine test