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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Green engine technology


March 12, 2015

Turbofan engine operation tests started for engine noise research

Demonstration engine installed in the engine test cell
Bottom: Inflow control device attached to the front of the engine

A study on noise reduction in aircraft engines is being conducted as part of the Green Engine technology program. One of the primary tasks of this noise study is to demonstrate noise reduction technology using a jet engine. A DGEN380, manufactured by Price Induction, France, was chosen for the demonstration engine. This engine is a geared turbofan type, the fan of which is connected to a gear driven by a low-speed shaft. The engine with a fan diameter of 350 mm generates about 2,500 N of thrust.

A compact console for the engine control enables an easier engine operation. The use of an inflow control device (ICD) is expected to improve the turbulence conditions in both outdoor and indoor tests. The potential application of this engine involves noise testing of the engine components, validation of numerical analysis, engine cycle analysis, and engine control.

Since the end of 2014, engine operations in the engine test cell at Chofu Aerospace Center have been carried out. The initial operation aimed at evaluating the aerodynamic performance of the engine when a mixing device is attached to the primary nozzle.