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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Hypersonic passenger aircraft technology


April 21, 2016

JAXA successfully attains afterburner combustion for a hypersonic turbojet engine

An afterburner combustion test in progress

JAXA successfully attained afterburner combustion for a hypersonic pre-cooled turbojet engine under Mach-4 flight conditions. The experiment was conducted in a propulsion wind tunnel (at Kakuda Space Center in Miyagi Prefecture) from February to March 2016. An afterburner injects fuel into the exhaust stream of a jet engine, triggering high-temperature combustion that creates an increase in thrust. JAXA's experiments showed that the liquid hydrogen fuel supplied to the engine had an air pre-cooling effect and also a combustion capability at a high temperature (2,000 Kelvins) when the afterburner was active.

JAXA is planning to make adjustments to the intake and core engine operations in hopes of increasing overall thrust.