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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Next Generation Aeronautical Innovation Hub Center

Stimulating innovation in aviation

Collaboration across sectors and industries

Creating new value through open innovation

JAXA Aeronautical Technology Directorate facilitates collaboration across various sectors and industries to bring about new values to society by open innovation. With its Next Generation Aeronautical Innovation Hub Center as a focal point, the Aeronautical Technology Directorate proactively addresses needs-oriented themes to deliver tangible outputs to industry and society, while also cultivating innovative ideas and seeds that would bring greater impact to society.

Major research and development topics include WEATHER-Eye (Weather-Endurance Aircraft Technology to Hold, Evade and Recover by Eye) technology, emission-free aircraft technology, smart flight technology, and disaster relief aircraft operation technology. To ensure collaboration across sectors and industries, we have also established collaboration frameworks such as the WEATHER-Eye Consortium, the Software Certification Technology Initiative for Aircraft Equipment and the Electrification Challenge for Aircraft (ECLAIR) Consortium. Through these activities, JAXA promotes industry-academia-government collaboration, bringing people and knowledge together for open innovation.

October 21, 2019