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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

About us

The JAXA Aeronautical Technology Directorate prioritizes research and development that contribute to the following goals:

To implement these goals strategically based on government policies and social needs, the JAXA Aeronautical Technology Directorate promotes a three-pillared R&D program and fundamental research that underpins them.

Environment-Conscious Aircraft Technology  Program (ECAT) Safety Technology for Aviation and Disaster-Relief Program (STAR) Sky Frontier Program (SkyFrontier) Aeronautical Science and Basic Technology (Science & Basic Tech.)


Message from the Director General

Field Centers

The Aeronautical Technology Directorate carries out various R&D activities at the Chofu Aerospace Center and its aerodrome branch, and flight demonstrations at the Nagoya Flight Research Center and the Taiki Aerospace Research Center.

Announcements & Press releases

Next Generation Aeronautical Innovation Hub Center

October 21, 2019