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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

About us

JAXA's Aeronautical Technology Directorate works to advance aeronautical science and technology and to help create a safe and prosperous society through research and development with the following aims :

To achieve these aims, JAXA is pursuing three research and development programs in accordance with government policies and in response to social needs: the Environment-Conscious Aircraft Technology program (ECAT), the Safety Technology for Aviation and Disaster Relief program (STAR), and the Sky Frontier program (SkyFrontier), while continuing to research the aeronautical sciences and basic technologies (Science & Basic Tech.) that underpin these programs and objectives, with particular emphasis on topics concerning aviation safety and its environmental impact.

Environment-Conscious Aircraft Technology  Program (ECAT) Safety Technology for Aviation and Disaster-Relief Program (STAR) Sky Frontier Program (SkyFrontier) Aeronautical Science and Basic Technology (Science & Basic Tech.)


Message from the Director General

Field Centers

The Aeronautical Technology Directorate carries out various R&D activities at the Chofu Aerospace Center and its aerodrome branch, and flight demonstrations at the Nagoya Flight Research Center and the Taiki Aerospace Research Center.

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