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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Test facilities

Experimental demonstrations are indispensable for aeronautical research and development to establish technologies for practical applications. For this purpose, JAXA owns and maintains various large-scale test facilities, some of which boast the largest scale in Japan. They are managed by JAXA for shared use with private sector and educational institutions, thereby strengthening the competitiveness of Japanese industry.

Wind tunnel facilities

The wind tunnel facilities are used to study aerodynamic characteristics (aerodynamics) and flow phenomena of the air surrounding aircraft or spacecraft. Airflow around aircraft can be simulated in a wind tunnel, which generates actual airflow artificially around an airframe model installed within the wind tunnel. By measuring some properties such as aerodynamic forces and pressure distributions around the model air frame, the wind tunnel allow us to grasp air behavior accurately.

Aeroengine test facilities

Our test facilities for jet engine modules (fan, compressor, combustor, etc.) provide various testing conditions on the ground.

Flight test facilities

For flight test purposes, we manage and operate research aircraft, flight simulators, and flight test fields. The validity and feasibility of newly developed technology are preliminary examined and reviewed fully with a flight simulator on the ground. Then they are demonstrated in the air through flight tests using research aircraft for final confirmation for practical applications.

Composite materials evaluation facilities

These are necessary facilities for R&D related to composite materials, enabling us to perform both basic and advanced studies such as detecting damage and exploring fracture mechanisms, as well as evaluation and assessment of developed materials and technologies for practical applications.

Structure and material test facilities

These test facilities are used to examine materials that are subject to severe conditions such as impacts and oscillation to assess material performance and to characterize mechanical and thermodynamic properties.

Supercomputing facility

To accommodate diverse and advanced numerical simulation using computers (Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD), JAXA maintains high-performance computing infrastructure.

Please refer to the New Enterprise Promotion Department of JAXA for open use of these test facilities.