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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Supercomputing facility

To accommodate diverse and advanced numerical simulation using computer (Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD), JAXA maintains a high-performance computing infrastructure.

JAXA supercomputer system (JSS)


The JSS is an integrated supercomputer system used to apply numerical simulation technology, as operated and maintained by Security and Information Systems Department.

Mixed reality technology

JAXA is working on mixed reality (MR) technology for CFD airflow simulation.

Understanding the airflow around flying aircraft is fundamental to aeronautical research. However, the flow of air is invisible to the human eye. Researchers have used various visualization technologies to study this invisible flow. An example is computer graphics (CG) that can provide an intuitive understanding of airflow. With CG, the results of numerical simulations of the airflow around aircraft models can be represented in colors and lines, etc., virtually on a computer.

With mixed reality (MR) technology, CFD analysis results can be superimposed on real-life landscapes, which enables researchers to interact with the phenomena in a mixed environment for more detailed analysis. While images displayed on a monitor are pseudo 3D, MR technology can recreate phenomena in real 3D space. For this reason, we believe it will become the mainstream in visualization technology in the near future.

MR technology demonstration video

March 30, 2020