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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Composite materials evaluation test facilities

For R&D on composite materials, from basic research to exploration of fracture mechanisms to practical evaluation of developed materials and structures, both testing equipment and testing methods are necessary to assess mechanical and physical properties of materials and structure against load, temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions.
JAXA possesses and maintains unique test devices that are designed and customized for the R&D of composite materials, such as strength evaluation equipment, physical-property analysis devices, and non-destructive inspection devices. In cooperation with the private sector, academia, and other stakeholders, we are making collaborative efforts to conduct a wide range of basic and applied research on advanced composite materials, e.g. exploring unknown aspects and fracture mechanism of composite materials to improve weaknesses of composite materials, and evaluating innovative application methods of composite materials and structures. JAXA promote the practical use of the advanced composite materials needed to achieve lightweight and highly reliable aircraft structures and aerospace systems, contributing to progress of the Japanese aerospace industry. Some of these facilities are available to the public for use (at cost).