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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Development of the world's fastest CFD tool and contributing to society

Efficient CFD tools (HexaGrid and FaSTAR) developed by JAXA are used in various applications, thanks to automatic grid generation and highly efficient flow computation. These tools are also installed in the Digital/Analog Hybrid Wind Tunnel (DAHWIN), and are utilized to make wind tunnel tests more efficient.

This study aims at developing user-friendly analysis tools. We will improve reliability by verification and validation (V&V), enhance usability by adding new functions, and achieve better operability by using graphical user interface (GUI). Through promoting the utilization of these tools so that many people will use them, we hope to improve the efficiency of analysis work.

As a part of our contributions to society, we have been providing this software package to over ten universities through an agreement on their use for academic purposes.

Hexahedral automatic grid generation tool "HexaGrid"

In order to understand flow physics, we start with grid generation to divide a computational space into number of small domains. HexaGrid is a tool for automatically generating a hexahedral unstructured grid. It can generate a grid for a civil aircraft in one or two hours (see the figure below for an example of a generated grid), which took us one or two months to generate using manual grid generation. Moreover, we demonstrated that the CFD results using automatic grid generation are almost identical to those of conventional manual grid generation.

Grid generated by HexaGrid

Fast unstructured-grid flow solver "FaSTAR"

FaSTAR is a world-leading highly efficient CFD tool developed by JAXA. It is an unstructured-grid compressible flow solver, which is suitable for use in the aerodynamic analysis of aircraft and spacecraft. We have successfully carried out the world’s most advanced high-speed computation using an efficient data structure and convergence acceleration of the multigrid.

Pressure distribution on an aircraft surface computed by FaSTAR

2D fluid analysis software package for Windows ”CL Pack”

Intended for CFD beginners and for easier use in university lectures, the CL Pack (CFD Learning Software Package) has been developed as a Windows version software package comprising a FaSTAR executable file group and two-dimensional analysis with GUI and grid data.

GUI sample of CL Pack

Mach number distribution around NACA0012
(M=0.85, AoA=3 deg, Re=1E6)