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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

High-accuracy satellite navigation technology


May 2, 2014
Testing a Next-Generation Landing Guidance System with ENRI at New Ishigaki Airport

From March 19 through March 30, 2014, JAXA and the Electronic Navigation Research Institute (ENRI) conducted an assessment test of the next-generation landing guidance system "GAST-D," for which international standards are being determined...[more]

A curved precision approach to an airport in bad weather conditions requires enhanced satellite navigation reliability. Conventional aircraft is equipeed with satellite navigation equipment by a GPS satellite, but signals may be temporarily lost because of ionospheric anomalies which may lead to errors.

Inertial Navigation System (INS) combined with the current system complement each other and will enable satellite navigation with higher precision and reliability.

Precision approach using satellite navigation with GBAS and ionospheric threats