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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Electric and hybrid propulsion system for aircraft


December 22, 2014

JAXA begins flight tests on its electric propulsion system for aircraft

The electric propulsion system installed on prototype motor glider

JAXA’s electric motor-driven glider currently undergoing flight tests

JAXA’s electric propulsion system installed on a prototype motor glider is currently undergoing flight test upon completion of the full range of ground-based testing. Prior to flight test, JAXA’s electric motor-driven glider system successfully obtained all necessary permits for flight test from the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau.
The flight test phase began by making a successful jump flight at Otone Airport in Ibaraki Prefecture on November 28, 2014. On December 10, JAXA also successfully performed flight demonstration tests to establish several of its unique technologies, including the process of regenerating power during flight by using the aircraft’s electric motor as a generator and the ability to avoid complete loss of propulsion under simulated in-flight malfunction conditions.
With the tests progressing steadily, JAXA plans to demonstrate functionality at higher altitudes and longer flight times in order to obtain more detailed data.