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JAXA Aviation helps to create a safer and more prosperous society with aeronautics-related research and development activities.

Video Library

Check our videos to quickly learn about our researches and projects.

  • Shaping Dreams for Future Skies(8:43)
    An introduction to JAXA Aviation Technology Directorate

  • Into the Sky, into the Space, into the Future (6:32)
    An introduction to JAXA Chofu Aerospace Center

  • Automated Composite Damage Removing Device
    - Revolutionizing Composite Repair for Aircraft - (3:30)
    *Please turn on subtitles (click gear icon in the lower right corner)
    Related link:Scarf sanding technology for carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) airframe

  • R&D on the Integrated Design Technology for Silent Supersonic Transport(6:29)
    Related link:Supersonic transport design technologies

  • Airframe Noise Reduction Technology FQUROH(7:17)
    Related link:Airframe noise reduction technology

  • All about next generation aircraft in one minute “emission-free aircraft”(1:00)
    Related link:Emission free aircraft

  • Time-Lapse Assembly (1:29)

    Related link:Supersonic transport design technologies

  • All about next generation supersonic aircraft in one minute(1:00)
    Related link:Supersonic transport design technologies

  • R&D of Onboard Safety Avionics Technology to Prevent Turbulence-induced Aircraft Accidents (6:53)

  • Silent Supersonic Technology Demonstration Program - D-SEND#2 Test Results - (6:29)