About us

JAXA Aviation helps to create a safer and more prosperous society with aeronautics-related research and development activities.

What we do

The JAXA Aviation Technology Directorate facilitate the R&D activities that contribute to the following goals:

  • Enhancing international competitiveness of Japan’s aviation industry
  • Increasing the safety of air transportation and fostering secure society with aircraft
  • Contributing to breakthroughs in the air transportation of tomorrow

To implement these goals strategically based on government policies and social needs, JAXA Aviation promotes a three-pillared R&D program and fundamental research that underpins them.

Find the details of our R&D portfolio, videos and featured articles. You can find academic papers on JAXA Repository site.

Fourth Mid-to-long-term Plan (FY2018 – FY2024)

The Fourth Mid-to-long-term Plan outlines what JAXA aims toward over the seven-year period between FY2018 and FY2024. The following articles published in FY2018 introduce some of our thoughts behind the plan.

As of November 1, 2021

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