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JAXA promotes three research and development programs and a fundamental research program that underpins them.

R&D of onboard safety avionics technology to prevent turbulence-induced aircraft accidents (SafeAvio)

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World's first successful advanced detection of clear air turbulence

JAXA has succeeded with the world's first advanced detection of clear air turbulence using the Doppler LIDAR that is being developed.
Doppler LIDAR is a device that emits a laser light to estimate the movement of small water droplets and dust in the atmosphere. Large-sized systems set up at airports to detect turbulence occurring near the ground are already in practical use, but JAXA is continuing development of a miniaturized system that can be mounted on aircraft. As a result, during a test flight in February of this year, we were able to detect clear air turbulence 6 km ahead and 3.2 km above the shore of the Kii Peninsula 30 seconds before it was reached.

JAXA's on-board Doppler LIDAR

JAXA's on-board Doppler LIDAR

August 31, 2012