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JAXA promotes three research and development programs and a fundamental research program that underpins them.

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Major R&D projects in the past

aFJR (Advanced Fan Jet Research) project Technology demonstration project with focus on low-pressure components of jet engines. Established cutting-edge technologies to make fans and low-pressure turbine components lighter and highly efficient.
R&D of onboard safety avionics technology to prevent turbulence-induced aircraft accidents (SafeAvio) Flight demonstration project to develop and demonstrate clear-air turbulence detection and information system. The effectiveness of the system successfully demonstrated in a series of flight tests using a small jet in Japan in 2017, as well as in Boeing's ecoDemonstrator program 2018.
FY2012 -FY2014
Distributed and Revolutionarily Efficient Air-traffic Management System (DREAMS) Research and development project to establish key technologies for next-generation air traffic management systems. Advanced technologies developed for the following five themes: weather information technology, noise abatement technology, high-accuracy satellite navigation technology, trajectory control technology, and Aircraft operation technology for disaster relief.
D-SEND project Flight demonstration project to establish sonic boom reduction technologies. Low boom design concept and design technologies validated and established together with aerial boom measurement technologies through flight tests in 2011 (D-SEND#1) and 2015 (D-SEND#2).
NEXST-1 project Flight demonstration project to develop and demonstrate drag reduction technologies as part of the "National Experimental Supersonic Transport (NEXST)" program. Drag reduction concept and CFD-based aerodynamic design methods established through flight test in 2005.


July 11, 2021
Fundamental technology for equipment certification Equipment certification is a vital but challenging process for avionics manufacturers. JAXA has been accumulating a substantial amount of know-how in this area through a range of R&D on avionics-related technologies. This research was conducted to turn our experiences into a shared resource for Japanese manufacturers to better engage in the certification process.
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