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JAXA Aviation helps to create a safer and more prosperous society with aeronautics-related research and development activities.

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JAXA becomes a member of IFAR

JAXA formally joined IFAR (International Forum for Aviation Research) as a member in September 2011. IFAR is an international forum composed of 21 public aviation research organizations from around the world, including NASA (USA), DLR (Germany), ONERA (France), TsAGI (Russia), CAE (China), and NAL (India). Its mission is to (1) promote the collaboration of aviation research organizations worldwide, (2) establish a framework for aviation technology research shared by its member organizations, and (3) collaborate with and advise intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations.

This is a new organization, whose organizational charter was just adopted at the second IFAR Summit (an annual meeting) held near Paris in June 2011.. This international organization, composed of public aviation research organizations from around the world, is the first of its type and is expected to assume the role as a global opinion leader in the field of aviation research and development. As international joint development of civil aircraft becomes a norm globally, JAXA is strengthening cooperation with world-leading research organizations and promoting research that further contributes to society.

The 2nd IFAR Summit

November 30, 2011