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JAXA Aviation helps to create a safer and more prosperous society with aeronautics-related research and development activities.

Cooperation with industry, public sector and academia

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It is generally believed that an aircraft comprises over 1 million components, whereas an automobile has tens of thousands of parts at most. Yet, the present production of the Japanese aviation industry remains at 11.3 billion dollars (2011), occupying not more than 0.3% of GDP. With global air traffic volume anticipated to increase to 2.6 times its current level during the next 20 years, the aviation industry is a growth industry, with roughly 30,000 passenger aircraft expected to be manufactured during that time. A Japanese aviation industry that could secure a firm share of the expected growth in demand could become an important economic driver for the growth of the entire Japanese economy.
By strengthening industry–academia–government collaboration to ensure smooth utilization of research results for practical applications, JAXA’s Aviation Technology Directorate aims to contribute to the development of Japanese aviation industry.
JAXA also hopes to develop the next-generation of aeronautical engineers who can lead Japan’s future aviation industry.

Cooperation with industry

By engaging in research and development that is "application-oriented" with a "o;10-year outlook on overall aircraft performance requirements", JAXA aims to contribute to increasing the global competitiveness of the Japanese aviation industry.

Cooperation with universities

JAXA is strengthening its partnerships with universities through joint research to advance the development of aeronautical science and technology and the aviation industry of Japan.

Cooperation with the public sector

JAXA provides its technical expertise in assisting the civil aviation authority with issues such as establishing technical standards for type certification of domestic passenger aircraft and in conducting aircraft accident investigations. JAXA is also active in entering into cooperative partnerships with local governments to support local aviation industries.