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JAXA appointed as IFAR Vice-Chair

For four days in August, 37 participants from 22 countries gathered in Moscow for the 4th IFAR Summit. At the event, JAXA was nominated by the Russian Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) and unanimously selected to become the next IFAR Vice-Chair. In selecting JAXA for this leadership role, voters recognized the success of last year's 3rd IFAR Summit in Nagoya, hosted by JAXA, and the many active contributions JAXA has made to IFAR. Executive Director Nakahashi will serve in an ocial capacity at IFAR as vice-chair for two years and then automatically accede to the chair position for another two years.
Nakahashi expressed his commitment to helping IFAR fulll its great potential as the world´s only public aviation research establishment network. He also wants to take a leadership role in promoting multinational research collaboration and human resources development in partnership with NASA, the current IFAR Chair.

The 4th IFAR Summit (Moscow, Russia)

August 30, 2013