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JAXA Aviation helps to create a safer and more prosperous society with aeronautics-related research and development activities.

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JAXA participates in the "EM-EASED" project to foster exchanges of European, Japanese, and South Korean human resources

The JAXA Institute of Aeronautical Technology will take part in the Euro-Asian Sustainable Energy Development (EM-EASED) program, which serves to promote the exchange of human resources from Europe, Japan, and South Korea.
Part of the European Union's "Erasmus Mundus Program," the new EM-EASED program aims to encourage exchanges of European, Japanese, and South Korean human resources in higher education settings. The 16 participating universities and research institutions will swap students and researchers, primarily those engaged in the renewable energy field, to form strong international ties. On the Japan side, JAXA joins member universities Okayama University, Keio University, Waseda University, and the Tokyo Institute of Technology as an "Associate institution." Through the program, the Institute of Aeronautical Technology plans to accept one or two researchers and/or students from Europe in aviation energy-related fields like fuel consumption-reducing technology and alternative fuels.
Accepting highly skilled European researchers through EM-EASED will not only help the Institute contribute to international human resource development but also invigorate JAXA’s research activities overall. The new tie with European universities will also help forge new bonds, which will lay a more robust foundation for future international collaboration. The Institute is committed to making this new program a dynamic force in facilitating international teamwork through human resource exchanges. The first exchange between participating institutions in Europe, Japan, and South Korea will start in early summer of this year.

March 31, 2014

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