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Top executives from NASA and JAXA hold meeting on aeronautics research and cooperation

Four top executives from NASA and JAXA met in Paris for a meeting on aeronautics research and cooperation on the occasion of the 51st Paris Air Show in June 2015. Participants were NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and Associate Administrator Jaiwon Shin of the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, and JAXA President OKUMURA Naoki and Director General NAKAHASHI Kazuhiro of the Aviation Technology Directorate. This was the first face-to-face opportunity where the four executives exchanged their views and opinions on aeronautics research. The agenda included both international and bilateral topics and cooperation.

Both NASA and JAXA have been playing a major role in the International Forum for Aviation Research (IFAR), a unique international network of aviation research institutions. JAXA has been serving as IFAR Vice-Chair and is to take over the position of IFAR Chair from NASA in October 2015. At the meeting, JAXA expressed sincere gratitude for how international cooperation has been promoted under NASA’s strong leadership of IFAR, while NASA pledged to support JAXA in the role of IFAR Chair. NASA also expressed expectations for JAXA to assume further leadership for public aeronautical research institutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Other topics raised at the meeting included successful results achieved through joint research by NASA and JAXA. Ongoing efforts being made toward formulating international standards for sonic booms were among them. The top management meeting between NASA and JAXA reaffirmed their intention to continue to enhance their cooperative relationships as outstanding partners in the future.

From left: Jaiwon Shin (NASA), Charles Bolden (NASA),

September 18, 2015

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