Research & Development

JAXA promotes three research and development programs and a fundamental research program that underpins them.

Flight demonstration technology for jet FTB

With the introduction of the jet flying test bed (FTB) "Hisho" in 2012, JAXA is developing and operating flight demonstration technologies in high altitude and high speed flight environments.

With the turbo prop FTB "MuPAL-α", identification of flight characteristics have been developed through flight demonstration and wind tunnel experiments to establish the flight simulation environment and fly-by-wire (FBW) control systems. By advancing the technologies accumulated by "MuPAL-α", JAXA is working to establish a new technology for the identification of flight characteristics that correspond to the jet flight envelope of the "Hisho" research aircraft. Furthermore, taking advantage of that identification technology, we plan to construct a flight simulation environment to meet the needs of people using "Hisho."

Jet flying test bed FTB Hisho

Jet flying test bed (FTB) "Hisho"