Research & Development

JAXA promotes three research and development programs and a fundamental research program that underpins them.

Design and Analysis of Next generation Technologies for jet Engines (DANTE)

Aeroengines are required to improve their performances for safety, convenience, maintenance and environment. A R&D program of “Design and Analysis of Next generation Technologies for jet Engines (DANTE)” tackles four key studies regarding performance of engine system, high-pressure compressor, noise reduction, and composite structure. New engine concepts incorporating new technologies would improve the basic engine performance, including fuel consumption and thrust. Precisely predicting the behavior of high-pressure compressors would enhances engine performances. Aero-acoustic design technologies would resolve the noise issues associated with higher bypass ratio engines. Evaluating durability of composite structures would contribute to expanding the life of components.

Engine Performance Improvement Technology

The models of propulsion system incorporating the new and emerging components are proposed. Fuel consumption and weight of the model are evaluated for these models.

High-Efficiency Compressor Design Technology

The design technologies for high-performance and high-efficiency multi-stage compressors are developed using highly accurate CFD code.

Noise Reduction Technology

With computational and experimental approaches, technologies for reducing inlet distortion and engine noise of future ultra-high bypass engines are studied.

Fatigue Damage Simulation Technology for Composite Structures

Technologies of evaluating the durability of composite structures such as CFRP fan blades and CMC low-pressure turbine blades are studied through fatigue analysis.

March 31, 2020