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JAXA promotes three research and development programs and a fundamental research program that underpins them.

Aircraft Life Cycle DX Consortium “CHAIN-X”

Aircraft Life Cycle DX Consortium “CHAIN-X”

JAXA launched the Aircraft Life Cycle DX Consortium on June 17, 2022, in cooperation with the government and industry partners.

The objective of this Consortium is to strengthen the international competitiveness of the Japanese aviation industry and foster the digital talent of the future. Major activities of the Consortium include developing Aircraft DX Base to enable collaboration in cyberspace, where each member can explore and share the best practices on DX technology by combining the respective strengths of each member organization.


Aircraft Life Cycle DX Consortium “CHAIN-X”
*CHAIN-X (CompreHensive Aviation INnovation by digital TRANSformation)


Digital transformation (DX) has been promoted in many fields in recent years, including in the aviation industry. In Japan, research and development are being conducted to streamline and accelerate the various processes required throughout the entire life cycle of aircraft, including design, certification, production, operation, and disposal. To speed up such multidisciplinary efforts, cooperation between the stakeholders in the aviation industry and DX fields is a must. The Aircraft Life Cycle DX Consortium “CHAIN-X” will play a central role in this effort.


・Drawing up a future vision and roadmap
・Examining ways of making use of DX technology in order for Tier 1 businesses to strengthen their competitiveness, create higher added-value, and enhance the scope of their businesses
・Gathering and sharing of information in Japan and overseas
・Disseminating information through promotional and educational activities, such as holding an open forum
・Developing and applying DX technology to Aircraft DX Base, as well as archiving the results
・Working on the design, development, and operation of Aircraft DX Base
・Developing research proposals by means of needs and seeds matching between industry, academia, and government
・Promoting external funding
・Conducting activities necessary for smoothly transitioning to the private sector taking the lead from the public sector in the future

November 29, 2022

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