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JAXA promotes three research and development programs and a fundamental research program that underpins them.

Noise abatement technology

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Noise measurements taken around Narita Airport

With the cooperation of Narita Airport and the surrounding communities, we measured aircraft noise there from 1 to 11 July 2014. Measurements were first taken in November 2013, then again in January 2014 and March 2014, and so this was the fourth time that measurements were per formed. The resulting noise data obtained therefore reflected the weather conditions in each of the four seasons.
As air traffic is expected to increase in the future, noise mitigation is a critical factor that we should address. In order to limit the range of noise impact, irrespective of how much air traffic volume increases, JAXA has been researching low noise operation technology to predict how weather conditions affect the spread of noise – to optimize aircraft approach paths with the aim of containing ground level noise to current levels. This research is part of the Distributed and Revolutionarily Efficient Airtraffic Management System (DREAMS) project. JAXA will continue to use the measurement results taken to date to further its research utilizing noise prediction models that take into account the influence of weather conditions in the propagation of noise.

Noise measurements being taken during landing

September 25, 2014

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