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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

What's New

November 10[FQUROH]
JAXA demonstrated effect of airframe noise reduction technologies in a flight test campaign
October 31, 2017[PR brochure]
JAXA Aeronautics Magazine "FLIGHT PATH" No.17/18
August 2, 2017[Press release]
JAXA clear-air turbulence detection system to be on Boeing ecoDemonstrator 2018
April 19, 2017[Press release]
Airport Low-level Wind Information (ALWIN)starts operation at Haneda and Narita airports
March 31, 2017[PR brochure]
JAXA Aeronautics Magazine "FLIGHT PATH" No.15/16
March 24, 2017[Aircraft Accident
Prevention Technology]
JAXA begins demonstration tests
on snow and ice monitoring sensorsr
December 21, 2016[Eco-wing
JAXA has completed the first flight tests
on its optical fiber-based strain sensor
November 30, 2016[PR brochure]
JAXA Aeronautics Magazine "FLIGHT PATH" No.13/14
November 4, 2016[Cooperation]
The 7th IFAR Summit 2016 held in Daejeon, South Korea
October 13, 2016[Press release]
Preliminary flight demonstration test on airframe noise reduction technology successfully completed
April 21, 2016[Sky Frontier]
JAXA successfully attains afterburner combustion for a hypersonic turbojet engine
March 31, 2016[PR brochure]
JAXA Aeronautics Magazine "FLIGHT PATH" No.11/12
March 4, 2016[Video Library]
Silent Supersonic Technology Demonstration Program - D-SEND#2 Test Results -
December 14, 2015[Cooperation]
Vice President Nakahashi appointed as Chair of the International Forum for Aviation Research (IFAR) at the 6th IFAR Summit 2015
October 30, 2015[PR brochure]
JAXA Aeronautics Magazine "FLIGHT PATH" No.9/10
October 27, 2015[Press release]
JAXA Validates Sonic Boom Reduction Technology
September 18, 2015[Cooperation]
Top executives from NASA and JAXA hold meeting on aeronautics research and cooperation
August 5, 2015[DREAMS]
JAXA has conducted a usability survey of the "ALWIN" at Tokyo International Airport
August 3, 2015[SafeAvio]
Simulation for effect on passenger cabin when encountering turbulence
July 27, 2015[Press release]
Results for the second phase of the "Drop test for the Simplified Evaluation of Non-symmetrically Distributed sonic boom" Project (D-SEND#2)
May 15, 2015[DREAMS]
"ALWIN," a joint development project between JAXA and the Japan Meteorological Agency, gets ready to go into practical use
May 12, 2015[Press release]
Schedule of D-SEND#2
May 12, 2015[FEATHER]
JAXA completes successful flight tests on its electric propulsion system for aircraft
April 30, 2015[Green engine technology]
Turbofan engine operation tests started for engine noise research
April 1, 2015[Video Library]
Shaping Dreams for Future Skies
March 31, 2015[PR brochure]
JAXA Aeronautics Magazine "FLIGHT PATH" No.7/8
January 21, 2015[FEATHER]
JAXA begins flight tests on its electric propulsion system for aircraft
November 4, 2014[PR brochure]
JAXA Aeronautics Magazine "FLIGHT PATH" No.5/6
August 26, 2014[Press release]
Status of D-SEND#2
June 3, 2014[Press release]
Second test of D-SEND#2
April 22, 2014[DREAMS]
Wake turbulence measurement campaign at Narita Airport in January and February 2014
April 9, 2014[Press release]
FDMA Starts Operation of Centralized Management System for Fire-fighting and Disaster-relief Helicopter Operation Applying D-NET