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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

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August 17, 2018[Weather
information technology]

SOLWIN starts trial operation at Tottori Airpor
August 1, 2018[About us]
Organization (as of August 1)
August 1, 2018[Weather
information technology]

ALWIN won President Award of Japan Aeronautical Engineers' Association
July 31, 2018[JAXA
Aeronautics Magazine]

July 20, 2018[Aerodynamic technology]
JAXA wind tunnel test result wins JSASS technology award
July 18, 2018[Press release]
SafeAvio Steps forward for Implementation
July 2, 2018[Press release]
Electrification Challenge for Aircraft (ECLAIR) Consortium
June 22,2018[Numerical
simulation technology]

"FaSTAR" won JSASS Technology Award
April 16, 2018[About us]
Message from the Director General
March 30, 2018[Press release]
D-NET IP Commercialized as Effective Disaster Relief Application
March 30, 2018[JAXA
Aeronautics Magazine]

"FLIGHT PATH" No.19/20
March 29, 2018[Video Library]
FQUROH: A Flight Demonstration Project for Airframe Noise Reduction Technology
November 10, 2017[FQUROH]
JAXA demonstrated effect of airframe noise reduction technologies in a flight test campaign
October 31, 2017[JAXA
Aeronautics Magazine]

"FLIGHT PATH" No.17/18
August 2, 2017[Press release]
JAXA clear-air turbulence detection system to be on Boeing ecoDemonstrator 2018
April 19, 2017[Press release]
Airport Low-level Wind Information (ALWIN)starts operation at Haneda and Narita airports
March 31, 2017[JAXA
Aeronautics Magazine]

"FLIGHT PATH" No.15/16
March 24, 2017[Aircraft Accident
Prevention Technology]

JAXA begins demonstration tests on snow and ice monitoring sensorsr